Tequila, Mezcal & Wine Tasting

Tequila, Mezcal & Wine Testing

Chef Specialties

Mexican truffle

Sautéed "Huitlacoche" mushrooms with truffle oil on chaya tortilla and cheese

Crunchy Shrimps Tacos

Crispy shrimps, cherry tomatoes, avocado and corn tortillas.

Marinera Bowl

Mix of fresh red tuna, sea bass & grilled shrimps with "Hoja Santa" and ponzu sauce. Paring with Mezcal Amarás.

Pato Taco

Roasted duck confit whit axiote chilli and orange fruit.

Birria Style

Two delicious slow cooked lamb tacos with pumpkin seeds on a cacao tortilla

La Quesadilla

With shrimps, Cheese, "Pico de Gallo" and matcha sauce on handmade corn tortilla.

Angus Beef Taco

On the grill with chilli powder and cuaresmeña sauce.

Chicken Crunchy Tacos

With amaranto and coconut with "Hoja Santa" and spicy guajillo sauce.

Veggie Burger

Beans and chickpeas burger, with arugula, tomato, cheese and guacamole.

Mexican Burger

Angus burger, tomato, onion, Manchego cheese, bacon avocado and s stuffed chilli.


THE UNIQUE chocolate TACO.

Mexican Churro

Cajeta or chocolate accompanied with tequila.


Sin Alcohol

Agua Bui Natural 290ml Vidrio

Agua Bui Clasica 290ml Vidrio Gasificada

Red Bull Regular 250ml Lata

Soft Drinks

Natural Juices

Craft Beer

Piedra Lisa Sesion IPA NR

Minerva Viena NR

Minerva Colonial NR

Colimita Lager Pilsner NR

Fortuna Pale Ale

Fortuna Ippolita IPA

Fortuna Oat Stout


Heineken + Tequila Shot

Santo Mezcal

Unión Joven

Unión Viejo

Lola Espadín

Espadín Verde Momento

Amores Espadín Joven

Amores Espadín Reposado

Amores Cupreata

Amores Logia Cenizo

Amores Logia Sierra Negra

Amores Logia Tobalá

Herodes Espadín

Noble Coyote Tobalá

Noble Coyote Espadín

Jurame Salmiana San Luis Potosí

Papadiablo Espadín

Papadiablo Especial

Papadiablo Arroqueño

Mitre Espadín Joven

Complice de Aventura Espadín Joven

Complice de Amor Espadín Reposado

Nacional 1938 Ensamble: Espadín-Cirial

Nacional 1937 Cirial

Nacional 1931 Tobalá


1800 Añejo

1800 Cristalino

Don Julio Reposado

Don Julio Añejo

Don Julio 70

Maestro Doble

Clase Azul

Patrón Añejo

Patrón Silver


Grey Goose


Ron Club Social Reservado

Ron Club Social Oror


Matraca Ginegra


Doble Black

Tequila, Mezcal & Wines
"The CAVA"


Paax brut by Charity Wines

White Wine

Tres Raíces

Sauvignon Blkanc / Guanajuato

Sophie Blanco



Macabeo / Aguascalientes


Riesling / Aguascalientes

Santo Tomás

Chardonnay / Valle Santo Tomás

Casa Madero

Gran Reserva Chardonnay / Valle de Parras



Cinsault / Aguascalientes

Paax Rose Espumoso



Reencuentro Signature Wine

Syrah / Ensenada


Cabernet Sauvignon, Ensenada


Gran Cabernet / Ensenada

Sophie Nebbiolo



Merlot / Ensenada

Duetto Santo Tomás

Tempranillo, Cabernet / Valle de Santo Tomás

Tres Raíces

Malbec / Guanajuatos


Tempranillo / Ensenada


Signature Mezcal Bull

Macerated Pineapple with anise, rosemary and cardamom ended with Tropical Red Bull.

Margarita 70

Tequila Don Julio 70 is aged in barrels for 18 months of artisanal filtration. It's barrel aging allows notes of vanilla and caramel to be operceived. The first crystalline vintage. Fruity Tones such as guava and lime stand out, intense cooked agave, notes of vanilla and caramel.
Smooth, clean, sweet and dry with notes of chocolate and caramel.

Social Club Gold Mojito

Mexican Rum distilled only from sugar cane. It grows a genuine and unique cane, result of the hybridization between a Caribbean sugar cane and native cane from the Oaxaca Mountains.
Prepared with mentha spicata & lime.

Mexico Libre

Distilled from Mexican sugar cane. Handpicked and naturally fermented (indigenous yeasts). Ron Social Club reserved is then double distilled in a custom made Alembic. Add soft drinks & lime.

El Viejo Martini

It's 100% artisan production process with oak and mesquite firewood.
Caramelized agave, floral and herbal tones of the Agave Tobalá, leaving a long sweet aftertaste of the Espadín Agave.
It has a great body of artisan characteristics, buttery, astringent, herbal and a smooth and clean smoke.

Santo Bull

Fresh vodka, mexican rum and citric cointreau with Tropical Red Bull.


Handcrafted Matraca Gin; Made with 12 unique botanicals, citrus, lemon, orange and a light touch of mandarin, achieving a perfect floral balance such as purple lemon balm, chamomile, angelica root and coriander. Inspired and created by Mexican artisan producers, we add tonic, cardamom & rosemary.

Caribbean Piña Colada

Made with rum, crean of coconout and fresh pineapple juicer.

Spicy Coyote

Mezcal from the agave Coyote is endemic to the Amatlánes region of Oaxaca. White pepper, marzipan, vanilla, wood and spice on the nose.
Wood and spice notes continue, with leafy and wet stone notes on the palate, leading into a spicy, peppery, minerally finish.
Lime, Controy & spicy.

Sangria Introvertida

Mix of Charity by Vinos con Causa to support Reinserta Fundation, for the benefit of Mexican woman and the future generations.


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