How to drink Mezcal

How to drink Mezcal?

Come to Santo Mercado Tulum and join us to taste one of the best spirit drinks in Mexico: Mezcal.


Every person visiting Tulum, without a doubt, has to try Mezcal. This is a very popular Mexican ancestral drink, characterized by its exquisite flavor, as well as its organic and artisanal process.

But, to enjoy mezcal to the fullest, you must follow a series of steps to drink it correctly and savor it. Keep reading and discover the best tips to taste mezcal and not die trying!


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Tips to drink Mezcal correctly.

If what you want is to have a good time with your friends or family, the ideal option for you is to go to a restaurant-bar to enjoy a good mezcal.

The following are the best tips to enjoy it to the fullest:

How to drink Mezcal

Choose the type of Mezcal.

If this is your first time trying this pre-Hispanic drink, we suggest you start with a young or white mezcal, since its composition and distillation will help you fully taste the purity of the agave it comes from.

If you are an experienced mezcalero, you may like to try other stronger mezcal options, such as reposado or añejo.


Enjoy the exquisite aroma of Mezcal.

One of the most important tips to enjoy mezcal to the fullest, is that before drinking it, take a few seconds to smell its smoky aroma, this in order to prepare yourself to feel its delicious flavor.


Preserve the original flavor of Mezcal with a jícara.

Now, to enjoy 100% of the mezcal and look like an expert while drinking it, we suggest serving it in a wide-mouthed container, such as a jícara. This way you will be able to better appreciate the aromas and the flavor will be better preserved.

How to drink Mezcal Tulum

Drink mezcal neat.

A big mistake made by those who have not tried mezcal is to think that it needs to be accompanied by lemon or salt. Here we tell you that it is not so, if you want to enjoy all the properties of mezcal, the ideal is to drink it pure. But don’t worry, if you think this drink is too strong for you, you can accompany it with some orange slices and worm salt, which will highlight the delicate and excellent flavor of mezcal.

Also, avoid drinking mezcal cold, as this will inhibit the alcohol, sacrificing the traditional distillation process.


Drink mezcal in sips.

If you dare to live the experience of drinking a good mezcal, there is nothing better than to do it in sips (or besitos, according to mezcal lovers), as this will allow you to savor the drink to its fullest extent.

Reviewing all the above, we have to say that, to drink a good mezcal correctly: First you have to take a deep breath of its aroma, take a small sip and finally exhale lightly. Enjoy how this drink of the gods merges with your whole body!


Mezcal tastes more delicious at Santo Mercado Tulum!

In the heart of Tulum, is located the Santo Mercado Local Market and Restaurant Bar Santo Mercado, known locally for being one of the best places to enjoy a good mezcal and bring out the ancient spirits within you.

Come and enjoy an authentic Mexican experience, while tasting one of the most representative drinks of Mexico: Mezcal. We´re waiting for you!

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